Day 1: Universal City Adventure

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Good evening everyone! I hope your Saturday was most excellent. Today I was lucky enough to get to go to Universal Studios and Universal City Walk.

The weather today was so wonderful. It was great to have a break from the snow. I kept expecting to have to catch my breath when I walk outside because it is going to be cold out, instead I just get the pleasant feeling of warmth. I will be so sad to go home.

This morning was extra special because my granny ordered us room service for breakfast. I have not had my breakfast delivered to me before, it was quite exciting.

After breakfast we got ready and hopped on the complimentary bus our hotel has to take the long five-minute drive to Universal Studios (if we had known it was quite so close we would have walked). Upon arrive to the park we were surprised to see that there is almost an entire outdoor mall before the entrance. The mall is called Universal City Walk. There are a variety of restaurants, clothing stores, Candy Stores, and much more. This mall was like my dream come true combining two of my favourite things: Palm trees and shopping!


City Walk

Once we made our way to the entrance we were greeted by the famous rotating globe inscribed “Universal Studios”. My granny was nice enough to purchase “Front of the Line” passes, which meant that everywhere we went within the park we did not have to wait. We got to go to the very front of the line, during shows we got priority seating, and after certain shows we got behind the scene privileges.

My highlights from Universal Studios would have to have been the tram tour where we got to drive around on a little tram and see different movie sets, such as, Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives and The Bates Motel. Another highlight would have to be the “Water World” show. The show is based on a movie entitled “Water World” and the actors did many jaw dropping stunts based on the movie. It was very exciting, but be prepared to get wet! At the end of “Water World” because of our special passes we got to stay behind and some of the actors explained how they were able to complete many of their crazy stunts. The last highlight was getting to watch a show entitled “Animal Actors”. In this show you get to see a variety of animals including rats, cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, birds, etc. do many adorable tricks. One of the best parts of this show was getting to see one of the dogs from the movie “Marley and Me”.

All of the staff at Universal were very helpful and willing to point you in the right direction, take your picture, and answer any other question you may have. Throughout the park there are people dressed up like various television and movie characters and you are able to take your pictures with them. I saw SpongeBob SquarePants, Scooby Doo, Minions, Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, and so many more.

After finishing up going through Universal Studios we shopped around the Universal City Walk a bit and bought a few souvenirs. Universal Studios took most of the day and afterwards we were beat. As well while at the City Walk we ate at a burger place called Johnny Rockets. I had a milkshake that was supposed to taste like Black Forest Cake—I have never tasted anything more delicious!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope if you are ever in L.A. that you get a chance to go to Universal Studios. This is just a small snap shot of the variety of activities available at Universal Studios, but there are only so many hours in a day. I also hope you enjoy the pictures I have posted from today (all pictures are MINE unless otherwise stated). Stay tuned tomorrow because I will be posting about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, the Chinese Theatre, and all of my other adventures that have yet to come. Who knows, maybe I’ll see a movie star?!


My Reviews Of The Places I Stayed:

Sheraton Universal Hotel, Los Angeles

“Convenient location, great staff, Clean ”

This is a very nice hotel. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to answer any of your questions and help your stay to be as pleasant as possible. The rooms are very clean and my room has an excellent view of the city, but that may partly due to how high up we are. Their pool is under construction at the moment, but luckily they have a deal with the Hilton (right across the parking lot) that we can use their pool. There is an adorable little gift shop in the hotel, a gym, a nice restaurant with wonderful servers, and one plus for me (a student) is that the internet is excellent! I also love that this hotel is only minutes from Universal Studios and there is a bus that comes every 15 minutes or so to pick up or drop you off there. There is not anything that I would changed about this hotel.

Universal City Walk, Los Angeles

“Lots to see, do, and eat!”

I really liked the Universal City Walk. It was really cool how all of the stores were connected like a mall, but at the same time everything was outside. There was a multitude of places to eat, places to buy souvenirs, clothes, accessories, and much more! It is right beside Universal Studios, so you cannot miss it. You will not be disappointed, especially if you like malls like me.

Universal Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles

“Great experience!”

I really loved Universal Studios. There was so much to see and do. There are constantly different shows and tours going on throughout the park. As well as rides, which I did not experience as I am not a fan of rides. There is lots of opportunities for photos and often someone comes around from the park and takes your photo and at the end of your visit you can purchase any photos that you like. During our trip we purchased the “Front of the Line” passes. I would highly recommend you purchase this pass if you can afford it. This pass allows you to by pass lines, you get priority seating, and during certain show times there is behind the scenes experiences available only to those who purchased the pass.


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