Big Horn Falls — Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada

The Ya Ha Tinda is an awesome hike, especially if you’re me and LOVE waterfalls. It’s a tradition in my family to go the Ya Ha Tinda in the summer have a picnic and make the hike to the waterfalls. This place is special to my family because my Great Grandpa helped to make the road you travel along to the Ya Ha Tinda.

The drive to the Ya Ha Tinda is just as great as the hike. The roads are windy, the forest is lush and green, you always happen to see some kind of wild animals (we have seen wild horses and mountain goats!). The road you take to get there is a dirt road, so be prepared for a bumpy/dusty ride 😉

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Where is the Ya Ha Tinda Located? 

To find directions and a description on how to get here I recommend visiting the Cowboy Trail site regarding the Ya Ha Tinda (click here). You can also find the location by going to the Alberta Parks Information & Facilities page on Ram Falls Provincial Park.

Overall Description of the Hike 


The Bridge we cross over to go to the upper view point

This hike is not too hard at all. It only takes us an hour or two depending on how long I spend taking photographs. As with the hike in Grotto Canyon, a lot of time is spent in the river bed so be prepared to step in a few puddles and for some areas to be quite wet. You can hike to the lower view of the falls and then when you get back to the parking lot you can go across the little red bridge and hike to the upper view. Both are a great experience and I would recommend doing both! The hike to the lower view is quite rocky so be sure to wear good hiking shoes and as always bring water, snacks, and bear spray!

Happy Hiking! 

**All photos were taken from previous summers NOT this summer (be sure to check trail reports!).



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