Historic Old McDougall Church

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much the past couple of weeks, but some family matters have come up. I thought I would make a quick post about one of my favourite churches.


Walking up to the church

I was sad to see that the Old McDougall Church was destroyed by a fire, on May 22. It was one of my favourite places to see when we took the ‘other way’ to Banff. In fact, this summer I was hoping to go out there and get some better pictures of the location, but I guess now the photos I took on my iPhone will have to do. 

A little bit of history…

According to the Historic Places website the church was built in 1875. On their site it states,

“The heritage value of the McDougall Memorial United Church lies in its association with early missionary efforts and pioneering settlement in southern Alberta at the Morleyville Mission, its association with the famed McDougall family, and its architectural significance as the first Carpenter’s Gothic building still standing in Alberta on its original site” (Canada’s Historic Places, n.d.).

For more information about the church I would definitely recommend visiting their site!


I will miss seeing this church when we go for our drives. I am glad that I FINALLY got to go inside of it last summer and snapped a few pictures. This event reminds of the importance of seizing the moment.


Work Cited: 

Canada’s Historic Places. (n.d.). McDOUGALL MEMORIAL UNITED CHURCH. Retrieved June 03, 2017, from http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=8788



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