Day 1 and 2: Osoyoos Desert Centre, Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, and the Penticton Channel

From July 22-July 29 my mom and I went camping in Penticton, British Columbia. My pappy came along for part of the trip. It was a great break and within that week we were able to fit in a LOT of activities! I will be blogging about these activities in multiple posts.


The first day we got there we explored and just relaxed, so I do not have anything major to include from that day. On Monday, we made the drive over to Osoyoos to check out the Desert museum that my pappy really wanted to see. My mom and I had stayed in Osoyoos a few years earlier and that was one of the activities we did not get a chance to check out.


As you may or may not know Osoyoos is one of Canada’s only deserts, which means it gets HOT. If you do want to check out the desert walk I would definitely recommend going right when it opens because 1) it’s cooler and 2) you’ll see more wildlife as people have not yet scared them away.

When we went we had decided to go on the free tour. There are three per day and we went on the first one. For most of the tour we were the only people, near the end a few late comers joined us. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly plus she pointed out things we otherwise would have missed. She also had cool artifacts that she pulled out to show us at different parts of the tour (see below).

You do have to walk to go on this tour. It was about an hour and 1.5km of walking, but it is all along a boardwalk and it is fairly flat. To learn more about the Desert Society click here.

Here are a few more pictures:




After the tour we looked through their little indoor museum and gift shop and continued on to our next stop of the day: Spotted Lake. Spotted Lake is on private property, which means you cannot hike down to it, but you can see if quite well from the road and I would for sure recommend checking it out if you have time.

What makes this lake unique is the giant circles (or spots in it) due to the high concentration of minerals. Read more about where to find Spotted Lake and what causes its spots here.



After exploring the Spotted Lake we drove into Osoyoos to buy some fruit and to drive up to the viewpoint. Here are a couple pictures from the viewpoint.


Floating Down the Channel:  

Once we got back to Penticton it was about 2 in the afternoon. It was quite hot and so we decided to go float down the Penticton channel. If you ever have the opportunity to do so I recommend it. Right now the current is stronger due to the flooding that happened in the area so if you are not a strong swimmer I would wear a life jacket. REMEMBER DO NOT TIE YOUR TUBES TOGETHER AS THEY CAN GET CAUGHT ON THE BRIDGE PILLARS!


The second day was probably our busiest day of them all because we had to fit all the activities my pappy wanted to do before he headed back to Calgary for the week.

Thanks for reading my blog! 

-Ariel Pandachuck



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