Day 6: Kangaroo Creek Farm

Have you ever wanted to hold a baby kangaroo or wallaby? What about hold a sugar glider? Pet a capybara? Well, do I have a place for you! In my last post I talked about my first couple of days in Penticton. I decided to skip ahead to my last day since I was super excited to tell you about this amazing place!

Kangaroo Creek Farm is located in Lake Country right outside of Kelowna, BC. I had heard about it from other friends who had visited in the past. The hours are a bit strange for this place, but if you read why it totally makes sense! Animals need their rest and shouldn’t be forced to socialize with people all day, so they get a mid-day break. As well, the farm is only open during the summer months.

The staff are very friendly. There are three separate main areas where the animals are. There are staff throughout each enclosure to ensure the animals are safe, to answer questions, etc. Sometimes they even give you food to feed the animals! In the evenings they also have a free reptile show.

When you get to the farm you have to walk down a hill to the entrance. You then pay the person at the entrance and they explain where everything is and how it is all laid out. In the first area there are chickens, turkeys, capybaras, goats, etc. The second section has some baby wallabies, more capybaras, a person holding a sugar glider, etc. The final section is where the kangaroos and wallabies are that you can feed and pet. Of course, there are other animals (i.e. farm animals) but I thought I’d just name a few.

For more information please check out Kangaroo Creek Farm’s website. I would recommend reading through the rules, hours, etc. so you get a general understanding before you arrive.

This was probably one of my favourite activities this trip. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and maybe one day you can check out the farm!

Happy exploring!!!




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