Day 3 — Okanagan Vacation — Oroville, Washington

The middle of our vacation was slightly more low-key and mainly involved days at the beach, shopping, visiting Oroville, and eating at places we don’t have in Calgary.

That being said, to be honest I don’t have a lot of pictures of this aspect of our trip as I was busy enjoying the moment and I mainly posted my favourite pictures in my first and second posts of this trip. So, if you want more detail and recent pictures then check those out šŸ˜Š


On our third day we headed on over to Oroville, Washington. We mostly just went to buy interesting foods we don’t have in Canada (i.e. different crystal light flavours, pop flavours, snacks, etc.). We did not spend much time here as we had explored it last time we stayed in Osoyoos in 2011. I thought since I had pictures from a previous trip I’d share them here.


Our haul!

Near Oroville there is the Old Molson Ghost Town and the Molson School Museum. Both were equally unique and interesting. I LOVE visiting old abandoned places. It helps remind me what once was and how far we have come in terms of technology, etc.

We did end up getting a bit lost finding the Ghost Town because our GPS decided to try to take us on some weird shortcut that ended up taking us nowhere. But, obviously we did eventually find it.


The Okanagan Country website explains these two locations really well:

“The Old Molson ghost town and Molson School Museum are a treasure trove of days gone by. Full-scale buildings, farming and mining equipment await you in Old Molson, while a restored classroom, the original school library and wonderful displays of hand tools, household artifacts and photographs can be found in the Molson School Museum. Many memories linger in these old, weathered buildings”.

From my understanding Molson was mainly a mining town (they mined for ore), which eventually was abandoned. Check out the complete story of the town on the Molson Museums’ website. There’s a few stories about buildings being stolen and the town being moved due to land not being registered. Definitely check it out if you love history! The website also tells you the location of the museums.


I do have a bunch of pictures I took in 2011 on my old camera. They are not the best quality, but I think they still give you a general idea of what to expect.

Old Molson Ghost Town (Click on pictures to enlarge them!)Ā 



Old SchoolhouseĀ (Click on pictures to enlarge them!)Ā 



I loved the experience of visting this old town. If you ever have a chance to stop by I would recommend it. Of course, it’s not as exciting as the Ghost Town of Tombstone in Arizona (i.e. no gun fights!) that we visited the next year, but it was neat to be mainly by ourselves and to soak it all in. Plus, admission was just a donation when we went to the Ghost Town and the admission to the Schoolhouse was very low if I remember correctly.

I will next be posting about Day 4 and 5, but that post should be shorter. Happy exploring!




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