Mount Yamnuska {July 11, 2015}

I’ve been sick with that awful cold thing that’s being going around, but now that I am better I thought I would get back to blogging. I have not had a lot of opportunities to go on too many adventures, so I thought I would keep blogging about past adventures. Today is brought to you by. . . MOUNT YAMNUSKA {July 11, 2015}!

As most of my avid blog readers know, I hate hiking up hills, but I made it! It was slightly cloudy/smokey when we went so the pictures are not the greatest, but it was still an exhilarating experience.

A bit about the hike. . . 

I would recommend checking out the Tourism Canmore link for directions, gain, etc. As I said there are quite a few hills, so I would recommend leaving earlier in the day so you do not get stuck up there in the dark.

If you look at the link in the previous paragraph, it explains how there a scramble once you reach the ridge, but we did not do this because we were not experienced enough and we had our little dog (plus, it looked like it was going to rain soon).


Overall, this was a more challenging hike for me, but I am glad I did it and the view was worth it! I hope to one day go back when it is not so cloudy and get clearer pictures.

Thanks for reading my blog! (P.S. Remember to check trail reports as this post is from a couple of summers ago).




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