Day 5 (Part 2/3) Arizona Trip: Upper Antelope Canyon

After visiting Glen Canyon Dam we headed over for our first tour at 10:30 am which was the Upper Antelope Canyon Tour. Oh, my goodness, this canyon took my breath away. The colours and shapes of the rocks were exquisite. My pictures do not do this place justice.

I have a few tips if you plan to visit Upper Antelope Canyon:

  • Book a tour. You cannot go in without one as this is Navajo land and there are flash floods and such that can happen in this canyon, so the tours make it safer.
  • Do not go if you are claustrophobic or hate large crowds. Parts of the canyon are quite wide, but other parts are very slim and only one person can fit through at a time so at times you are shoulder to shoulder.
  • Go around 10:30am as that is when I am told the light is at its best.
  • Bring water as you get thirsty down there.
  • Don’t put important stuff in your pockets (i.e. cell phones) while riding in the trucks as it is bumpy and they fall out (our tour guide stopped to pick an iPhone she saw that had been run over and told us this happens a lot)
  • No bags allowed. You are only allowed a bottle of water and your camera, no extra bags and such as room in the trucks is tight and in the canyon is even tighter.
  • Use the vivid setting on your phone for better photos of the rocks and on your camera using the cloudy setting is helpful.

The tour we went on was with Antelope Slot Canyon Tours by Chief Tsosie. Our tour guide was named Sandra. She was so awesome and sweet. She made sure every ‘family’ in her group got photos of themselves under the light beams and at other cool sections. We did not feel rushed with her and she would show us the best angles to take pictures and if you were having trouble taking the picture she would even take it for you. You could see and hear other companies rushing their groups through and not taking/helping to take pictures. If you go with this company, definitely try to request her!

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