Day 7 Part (3/3) Arizona Trip: Sedona

On the last leg of day 7 we drove from Walnut Canyon to Sedona, in a HUGE rainstorm I might add (and I thought driving in winter was scary….).

Next time I go to Arizona, I would love to spend more time in the Sedona area, it was so different looking from Phoenix and the red rocks were so pretty.

Our plan was to go to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, then to Bell Rock, and finally try to find somewhere to eat. The road from Flagstaff to Arizona was beautiful, once the rainstorm stopped. The winding roads reminded me of the drive to Golden, BC from Field. It was so windy, lush, and colourful.

Once we got to Sedona we drove straight to the church. We were pretty tired from our full day, so we just took pictures from the outside. Then we headed to Bell Rock to take few pictures, but sadly it started to storm again so I only got a couple of pictures before it started pouring. Finally, we headed to dinner in an area after Bell Rock to a DELICIOUS restaurant called Pago’s Pizzeria and Italian Cuisine. It was recommended to us by an employee at a nearby gas station and it was exquisite!

After that we finished driving back to Phoenix in quite stormy weather. All in all, I would definitely go back to the Sedona area and explore more. It was so unique, and it looked like the town had a lot to see and do.


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