Days 8, 9, & 10 Arizona Trip: Relaxation and Goldfield

Sorry I’ve been so behind on blogging, but finally this is my FINAL post for Arizona! Two of my last three days were pretty low key spent relaxing after all of our travel through the state.

For our last day I wanted to visit a Ghost Town. Last time, my mom and I came we went to Tombstone, so this time I tried to find another ghost town that wasn’t too far from where we were staying and I found Goldfield!

History about Goldfield

The town of Goldfield came about in 1892 when Gold Ore was found in the surrounding areas. People moved here in hopes of finding more gold. People were also attracted to Goldfield because of the legend of the “Lost Dutchman mine”.

“But like other gold camps, Goldfield’s bustling days were quickly dashed when the vein of gold ore started to play out and the grade of the ore dropped even more. Just five years after it began, the town found itself quickly dying. The miners moved on, the post office was discontinued on November 2, 1898, and Goldfield became a ghost town” (source:

Our Visit

The site that we visited was re-built as to how it would have been. The original mine had flooded and the town was abandoned. The town only took us a couple of hours to check out. First, we started with a train ride around the town where the conductor told us a bit of the history, legends about the Superstition mountains, and about the wildlife.

Next, we went and looked around at some of the shops and little museums. Then, we went on the mine tour. It was interesting to go down and hear all of the stories about the mining in Goldfield and get a glimpse of what it would have been like to work in the mine.

Then, we went on the tour of the Mystery Shack. The Mystery Shack is one of those houses where the water runs uphill, a marble goes up hill, etc. It was cute, but crowded with all the people in there.

After that we ate lunch in the saloon (nothing to write home about) and then I did some shopping in the cute little shops. Then we headed back to our hotel to finish packing and to get ready to go home the next day!

I would definitely recommend visiting Goldfield if you are in the area. I would recommend going early to beat the crowds because when we were leaving it was starting to get quite busy.


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