On the Monday after we arrived, we went out on a Seatour (we booked it through Sunwing and the excursion was called “Seatour Zone 1”). It was a day of snorkeling and then a few hours at private white sandy beach (‘Cayo Blanco’) with a buffet lunch. 

It was a lot of fun going out in the catamaran and seeing the blue water. The snorkeling was not great for a few reasons. First, our tour was late picking us up. Secondly, we were late getting out to the snorkeling spot. Thirdly, the current was very strong, so it was not as great as other snorkeling experiences I have had. Fourthly, it was very rushed due to us being late. 

The private beach was BEAUTIFUL! The sand was white, the water was calm, and overall it was paradise. My only complaint was there was a LOT of people, so it took a while to get our lunch and it was difficult to find a spot to sit on the beach. That being said, the food was quite good. There was lobster, shrimp, pasta, rice, etc. the people making the food were super friendly. 

The building where we ate

Overall the experience was pretty good. The tour guide was nice and at the end of the tour on the way back they gave us snacks and there was a huge ‘dance party’. As well throughout the whole excursion there was an open bar on the boat. 

My two suggestions for this tour company would be: 1) try better to be on time and not to rush the snorkeling and 2) Have a better system for the lunch buffet as people were confused as to where the line was. 

Stay tuned for more of my Cuba adventures!



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