On the Tuesday, after our Seatour, we headed out from our hotel to a private tour to Havana. The tour was quite affordable considering it was a full day and it was private, which meant we did not have to fight through a group of people to hear what we were being told. 


The car we went in was a 1953 Plymouth. The company we went with was called Havana 60 Classic Cars Tour. Our tour guide was Roberto and the driver was Carlos. They were both very nice and made our trip enjoyable. 


After we were picked up at our hotel our first stop was the tallest bridge in Cuba, which is called Bacunayagua’s bridge. The land was so lush and green. There was little place to stop with shops, a place to eat, a washroom (BRING YOUR TOILET PAPER), and get what they claim to be the ‘best Pina Coladas’. 


After the bridge we drove the rest of the way to Havana. We parked the car and did a walking tour of the town which was about an hour to two hours (I did not look at my watch, so I don’t know the exact time). We saw El Templete, Cathedral Square, Morro Castle, and La Reunion Pharmacy. 

Then we went to a fancy restaurant for lunch called El Tablao de Pancho. There was live entertainment and there was a great deal where you got a welcome drink, a soup, an entrée, and dessert for 20 CUC. I really loved the welcome drink, which was described as a sugarcane juice, it was so delicious! 

Some of the places we drove to after lunch were: Arms Square, a Cigar factory, Revolution square, Cemetery of Colon, Old Havana, Plaza de armas, the Capitol, Havana Theater, Hotel Nacional, and El floridita.

After we drove around and viewed some more sites then it was time to drive the two hours back to our hotel. 


Overall, the tour was great. I wish we had spent more time at the Cemetery of Colon as we drove around it, but I never got a chance to take pictures. I know it sounds morbid, but a lot of the architecture in the cemetery was unique and not something you see every day. Another thing I wish we had done was maybe had an opportunity to go to the fort and not just look at it from afar. With that being said, I am definitely glad we went, and it gave us an excellent overview of Havana and now next time I know what I would want to look at further on my next visit. 

Please stay tuned for more Cuba posts and next month I will be posting about my trip to Vancouver Island! 



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