Thank you for following my Cuba adventures! The same day we went snorkelling at Coral Beach we also got the really exciting experience of swimming in a cave!

Stairs going down into the cave

The name of the cave is Cueve de Saturno (“Saturn Cave”). The foliage going down to the cave (lots of stairs!) is so lush and beautiful. Once you get to the cave there are a couple of spots with ladders or steps to get down in the water. The water is crystal clear and so clean. It felt so refreshing to swim around for a bit and luckily for us there weren’t many people around so we got it mostly to ourselves.

Sadly, I did not have my actual camera so I only have some photos from our GoPro and a couple from my phone, but that’s better than nothing!

People swimming in the cave

If you ever do go to Cuba and get the chance I would defiantly recommend going here! The experience feels so magical.

Thanks for reading my blog!!



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