Las Vegas – Summer 2019

Obviously I am behind on my posts, but I finally got around to posting about my trip with my best friend, Autumn, this past August.


We arrived on Monday evening. The bus that drove to the hotel was quite the ride as our driver was quite the daredevil. Checking in at CircusCircus took FOREVER and it was quite warm in the lobby, so be prepared to wait and bring a drink (TIP: don’t get sucked in by the people greeting you at the door they are trying to sell you a timeshare type thing and cheap tickets to events). After checking in we went and found some food (we had Denny’s. . . lol). After dinner, we went to the Ross store that was next to Denny’s and it was open until 1am! Finally, on the way home we got chased by a huge creepy bug and that was our first night!


We woke up late and then tried out the CircusCircus buffet (it was okay, but not the best buffet ever). Then we walked to a nearby resort to take the monorail 🚝. We accidentally went to the resort that was further down instead of the one closer to the hotel…oops haha. We rode the monorail and got off to walk to Madame Tussaud’s. Afterwards, we walked around the Venetian (it’s huge in there….We had trouble finding a door back to the outside world 😂😂). Once we found our way back to the monorail, we headed over to Bally’s to eat at Wahlburger’s (one of my goals in Las Vegas haha). Then we took the monorail back to Westgate and walked back to Circus Circus. We then had some Gelato and went to bed.


This day was more low key because we were exhausted from the day before (so much walking!). We got up and wanted breakfast so we decided to go to Denny’s because we didn’t feel like going to the buffet again. After eating we checked out the midway at Circus Circus and played some arcade games. Then we went to the pool/water park. It was quite busy but the water in the pool was saltwater and it was quite relaxing. Afterwards, we got ready to go on the bus night tour. It was so awesome to learn about some history of Vegas and see all the landmarks lit up at night. Some highlights included: Welcome to Las Vegas sign, the Linq Ferris wheel, the Volcano eruption at the Mirage, seeing the Pawnshop from Pawn Stars, and getting to go to downtown Las Vegas (we got to wander around Fremont street for an hour and watch the light show). Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and had lots of stories to tell us. 


We wanted to try another buffet on the strip so we took the monorail to the MGM grand hotel and found a delicious buffet there. We then walked across the street to Excalibur and took the free tram to Mandalay Bay. We visited the Shark Reef Aquarium there and then took the free tram back to Excalibur. After that we went and checked out the Hershey’s store, the M&M’s store, and the Coke store. We were then hot and exhausted so we headed back to our hotel to go swimming. Once it got dark we took a cab from Circus Circus to the Strat (aka the Stratosphere) to go up to the observation deck. I highly recommend visiting here at night to see all the lights. Then we headed back and ordered pizza. 


This was our last day so we had to pack up everything and left our luggage with Bell Hops as our flight wasn’t until the evening. We wanted breakfast and after that we headed back to this tattoo shops we heard about with $10 tattoos (you can only choose off of pre-drawn ones and they are small like the size of a quarter). We wanted something to commemorate the trip. I got a little cactus on my inner ankle. If you know me then you know that I am obsessed with them. After that we headed back to our resort had some ice cream and then headed to the airport. 


  • Check for resort fees
  • Bring a water bottle with you everywhere (preferably an insulated one that keeps your drink cold) 
  • Look for ways to get from one resort to another like the monorail or the free tram. 
  • Look for deals instead of paying admission prices everywhere you go (we purchased GoCity passes). 
  • Wear comfy shoes 

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