Grassi Lakes, Canmore, Alberta

As with my last post, about Grotto Canyon, Grassi Lakes is a hike that I love to do at least once per summer. As I mentioned in a lot of my posts I love waterfalls and Grassi lakes has a wonderful waterfall and other bodies of water to photograph. Grassi Lakes is a hike I love because … Continue reading Grassi Lakes, Canmore, Alberta


The Colonel’s Cabin (WWII Internment Camp) & Johnson’s Lake

One of my first adventures, since finishing school, was on Saturday, April 22, 2017. My mom and I went to The Colonel's Cabin in Kananaskis and then out to Johnson Lake for a small hike. Colonel's Cabin ("History Loop"): Our first part was a quick little walk through the 'History Loop'. It is very short, but fascinating. … Continue reading The Colonel’s Cabin (WWII Internment Camp) & Johnson’s Lake

Bankhead, Alberta — Banff National Park

Since I am still not quite done school for the semester I have yet to go on any recent adventures. Therefore, I thought I would write about another hike from last summer. A bit of history... Bankhead, Alberta is now an old abandoned coal mining town. According to some of my research the town was … Continue reading Bankhead, Alberta — Banff National Park

Preparing for my California Adventure

As I sit down to write this post it is -17˚ Celsius in Calgary, but feels like -25˚ Celcius, according to The Weather Network. I don't tend to normally write about the weather, but as you guessed from the title and location of my blog I will be soon departing to Sunny California, which according … Continue reading Preparing for my California Adventure