From February 8-15, 2019 I had the pleasure of going to Cuba! I LOVED it! You do not go to Cuba to shop, to eat at super fancy restaurants, or to stay at 5-star resorts. Then, why do you go to Cuba?

You go to Cuba for the beautiful scenery, the beaches, the old cars, the historic buildings, the people, and the culture!

The resort we stayed at was all inclusive, which means things like food and drinks were included. It was called Club Kawama. It was considered a ‘3- star’ resort, so we did not have super high expectations.

Looking at the lobby entrance of the resort

My Review of Club Kawama:

Cleanliness: This was one of the cleanest resorts I have stayed at. The furniture, appliances, and other items may have been old (as are most things in Cuba), but everything was clean. I have never seen a cleaner pool (I have stayed at 5 Star resorts where their pools were not always as clean and had garbage floating around them).

Staff: most of the staff were very helpful and kind. when they saw you they always smiled and greeted you. They did their best to accommodate our needs.

Food: my mom really liked the food. There was a lot of fish, lobster, shrimp, etc. I on the other hand was not a super big fan. Some of the spices/seasonings they put on their meat did not agree with me. That being said, their rice, beans, bread, pizza, fruit, and desserts (especially the rice pudding!) were all great. This resort has one buffet, two restaurants, three bars, and a snack bar. As well, down the road there was a great pizza place, which I will talk about in future posts. 

Amenities: our room had a blow dryer that did not really work too well, a mini fridge that worked but then sometimes stopped working, a television with minimal channels, and a safe which cost 30 CUC to use (they set up your card for your room to unlock the safe). All of these issues we were pre-warned about in the reviews, so we were not the least bit upset.

There was towels (I recommend bringing your own pool/beach towels and wash cloths), toilet paper was provided, but it is still recommended to bring your own because lots of the restrooms do not have any.

The hotel itself did have a gym, pools, restaurants and a buffet, a coffee shop, bars, Wi-Fi for a fee and it only worked by the pool, there was a kid’s place. One thing I wish the hotel did have was a snack bar with more options (there was a snack bar but it had a limited menu and it took a while to get your food).

Location: the location of Kawama is great. The beach was a 30 second walk from our room. There was a place right down the road to exchange your money. After a 5 minute walk you can get to where the hop-on hop-off bus starts and further down is the town with markets and restaurants. When we rode the bus we found the ‘fancier’ hotels further down were quite far from the town itself.

Overall: I would for sure return to Club Kawama! It was not a five star resort, but the location was great, the staff were overall friendly, the price was fair, and it was clean as well as comfortable. I definitely would say this ‘3-star’ resort lived up to its ‘3-star’ status.

The only way it could possibly get higher, at least from me, would be if they increased their snack bar options and upgraded their appliances in the rooms as well as got new beds (note: bring your own pillow, I am sure glad we did because their pillows were not great). As well, I wish the pool was open later (it closed at 6pm!).

The Beach!

I will try to post more about my Cuba adventure! We had so much fun snorkelling, swimming, going to Havana, going on a boat tour, swimming in a cave and more. STAY TUNED!



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