Vancouver Island

We flew into Victoria and drove to Parksville, which was our home base. We did a lot of shorter hikes to waterfalls, caves, etc.

Day One

Day one we stopped at Pipers Lagoon Park for a short walk. It was raining quite a bit and was cold, but it was still quite beautiful.

Day Two

Day two we went to the Horne Lake Caves and Cathedral Grove. With the caves you can pay to go on a tour where you get to go deeper into the caves and have a guide or you can just go yourself and go into the entrances of the caves, which is what we did. Even if you don’t go all the way into the caves it is a nice little walk through the forest and it’s fun to go in the caves a bit.

We went to Cathedral Grove as a lady at the caves recommended it so that we could see the huge trees. It is a nice little walk in the woods and the air feels so fresh and clean. The trees were bigger than ones I had ever seen before and I never knew how many colours of green there are.

After our exploring we went to Coombs to check out the Goats on the Roof store (there were no goats on the roof as we were too early in the season 😦 ). We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Cuckoo Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria. The food was so delicious and the desserts were to die for!

Day Three

The third day we went to Elk Falls Provincial Park and then explored Campbell River. In Campbell River we ate at a place my mom had found called Ideal Cafe.….their milkshakes were delicious.

Day Four

Day four was our last day, but we didn’t leave until late in the evening so we had basically the full day. First, we stopped in at Englishman River Falls. It was a quick walk to the falls and we barely saw any people.

After that, we headed back towards Victoria. We made another stop at was is called ‘Little Niagara Falls’ in Goldstream Provincial Park. Apparently it is called this due to the height of the water fall being as tall as Niagara Falls (obviously not as wide though). We parked across the highway from the falls so we had to walk through a tunnel to get there, but there is also a parking lot closer to the falls, but to be honest it was kind of exciting to walk through the tunnel.

Thanks for reading my post! Read about my previous trip to Victoria here.


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